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AirGrab Password PRO 1.0    AirGrab Password PRO 1.0

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AirGrab Password PRO The AirGrab Password allows you to create random passwords that are highly secure and extremely difficult to crack or guess due to an optional combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and other symbols.
Generate strong passwords by one click for access points, WEP and WPA encryption in WiFi Networks, websites, servers, routers and etc. Including numbers and special characters in a mixed case password will generally create a more secure password, which would be exponentially harder to recover using a brute force password discovery method.

You can specify which types of characters will be used in the password. It is recommended to use all available characters to generate a complicated, strong password. On the other hand, passwords with special symbols, for instance, are harder to remember, so you might wish to exclude those characters if you need to keep the password in your head.
The longer password you have, the stronger it is. Minimum recommended length of the password is five-six characters. Eight or ten character passwords are just right for most web services.

Simple click "Generate" and get your password generated and ready to use! When the password is generated, select it using mouse cursor, copy and paste into the appropriate field.

Therefore, these password strings are just for you. No one else can ever see them or get them. You may safely take these strings as they are, or use chunks from several to build your own if you prefer, or do whatever you want with them. Each set displayed are totally, uniquely yours forever.

Generate WEP passwords

If some of your WiFi network cannot support the newer and much stronger (effectively unbreakable when used with maximum-entropy keys like these) WPA encryption system, you'll be forced either to run WiFi network to weaker WEP encryption. Still, ANY encryption is better than no encryption. WEP key strength (key length) is sometimes confusing because, although there are only two widely accepted standard lengths, 40-bit and 104-bit, those lengths are sometimes confused by adding the 24-bit IV (initialization vector) counter to the length, resulting in 64-bit and 128-bit total key lengths.

However, the user only ever specifies a key of either 40 or 104 binary bits. Since WEP keys should always be specified in their hexadecimal form to guarantee device interaction, and since each hex digit represents 4 binary bits of the key, 40 and 104 bit keys are represented by 10 and 26 hex digits respectively. So you may simply snip off whatever length of random hex characters you require for your system's WEP key.

Note that if all of your equipment supports the use of the new longer 256/232 bit WEP keys, you would use 232/4 or 58 hexadecimal characters for your pre-shared key.

Generate WPA passwords

WPA keys is a string of up to 63 printable ASCII characters. This string is then "hashed" along with the network's SSID designation to form a cryptographically strong 256-bit result which is then used by all devices within the WPA-secured WiFi network.

And don't worry for a moment about using an easy ASCII key. If you still use a full-length 63 character key, your entire network will still be EXTREMELY secure. And PLEASE drop us a line to let us know that you have such a device and what it is!

AirGrab Password PRO Features

  • Batch password generation
  • Export passwords into a text file
  • Generate WEP passwords in ASCII and HEX format
  • Generate WPA Passwords, 8, 20 or 63 characters
  • Generate Custom passwords with specified length, special symbols and much more
  • Control the default password length and number.
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